Friday, February 27, 2009

Venus and Crescent Moon Conjunction

In my post on seeing Venus during daylight, I mentioned that today would be a great day to try since Venus would be very near the moon. Sadly, here in Mesquite it is completely overcast today so I'll miss the event. If you live west of the North Texas area and it isn't cloudy where you are, step outside now to see whether you can spot it. Venus will be about a half-dozen moon-widths from the moon opposite its sunlit crescent side.

Even if you miss spotting Venus during daylight today, be sure to step outside in the evening to check out the beautiful pairing as it gets dark. It's already dark in the U.K. and folks like Nick Bramhall have already starting capturing this stunning sight. Read more about it at NASA Science site.


  1. Hey, thanks for using my photo (and crediting appropriately!). It really was a beautiful sight =) I'm enjoying the rest of your blog - one to add my bookmarks I think. Clear skies!

  2. Thanks, Nick. Glad you're enjoying the blog. And thanks for the use of your photo.

    It was also great to see this highlighted on APOD today.