Thursday, April 1, 2010

Nine Days Left: Help Me Get an iPad for My Birthday

I've seen the light! Just saw a detailed video review of the iPad and would LOVE to have one for my birthday. What an AMAZING piece of technology! And to think, if I get one for my birthday I can blow out candles on a virtual birthday cake, just like on Modern Family! How COOL! I figure if enough of my family and friends pitch in just a few dollars each, I'm all set! Details on how to help down below the video.

Oh, and by the way... you do recall that my birthday is just 9 days after APRIL FOOLS!!!

In reality, I'm quite happy with my Windows 7 media server and laptop, and my Palm Pre phone. And for all you Apple addicts out there (you know who you are), just wait till Palm comes out with an iPad form-factor computer running WebOS!

For more April Fools hilarity, check out the Google home page and their blog. Be sure to check out all the links there, like this one.

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