Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Absent Blogger

Been much too long since I've posted anything here. Not for want of topics...

  • I have some thoughts to share on the travesty of Texas education funding in the current budget crisis and its impact on science education (three local school districts closing down their planetariums).
  • There is a lesson others may benefit from in the story of our experience in buying a new telescope from Orion earlier this year.
  • Recently replaced my Nikon D40 with a D7000 and I'm excited by the early results in terms of quality of astrophotography images.
The problem though has been lack of time to write. Between all the family activity over the past year (lots of exciting events) and much heavier workload at work (which is better than the alternative), I've not had as much time for writing (or, for that matter, for reading). 

So, this is a shot across my own bow, a brief tease of more to come and at the same time a prod to start making time for posts longer than 140 bytes.

To be continued...

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