Sunday, July 2, 2017

Seeking Artist for Blog Title Image

For awhile now, I have had an idea for a new image for this blog. The challenge is that although I have a little bit of artistic skill, this will be beyond what I can do on my own so I am seeking an artist interested in developing it.

I'm checking with friends for help in finding someone to work on this but to simplify sharing a description of the project, I am posting it here. Regardless of how you heard about it, if you have an interest in helping with this project, please post a reply.

Project Description

Title Image for Wind And Sky, a blog on my personal interests.

Primary theme: astronomy, science
Secondary theme: sailing, wind, weather
Across both themes: photography

  • Long run GIF (10-20 seconds)
  • Have end of animation transition into beginning, making the change seamless
  • Images:
    • Day time, water foreground, sailboat (heeling over) at left with Sun above
    • Day time image repeating with Sun and sailboat moving left to right
    • Evening twilight, sailboat disappearing off horizon as Sun sets and Moon rises
    • Night time with stars, Milky Way stretching across, Moon at left
    • Night time image repeating with Moon, stars and Milky Way moving left to right
    • Morning twilight, sailboat appearing over horizon with Sun rising and Moon setting
  • Image dimensions (alternative is in case necessary to make image layout, transitions fit smoothly):
    800px by 150px
    800px by 200px
  • Title text (to be layered over image, already included in blog design)
    WIND & SKY
  • Color formatting:
    • Should fit, not clash, with blog background color: #000033
    • Title text is white so shouldn’t disappear into the image
    • Image background transition from a dark sky blue in daytime through purplish twilight to black night and back
  • Image content and sequence should be reasonably scientifically accurate (no having Sun or Moon move wrong direction, Milky Way movement being unnatural, etc.)
  • If animation and transitions problematic:
    • Non-repeating GIF, i.e., start at middle of night image, run full animation back to that point and end without repeating
      - or -
    • Instead of GIF, do image where it’s daylight with sailboat on left transitioning through twilight to night with Milky Way on right
  • Optional:
    • Possibly revise blog layout theme, making text (and title image) wider
    • Meteor across night sky

Animation examples:

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